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Custom solutions and personal consultations

Each project is unique. As any other craft, creating an elaborate and functional lighting design requires time and dedication. Even the simplest standard solutions can be improved with minor adaptations to the specific environment. Get in touch with us if you would like to cooperate with specialists keen on collaboration, looking for the challenge of creating something unique and exceptional in every project.

Lighting design and calculations

Great lighting is not easy to design on paper. The best results are born in the joint operation of experience and artistic vision, double-checked with simulation programs. Lighting design is not simply a part of the electrical project. It is a full design service that offers a solution for illuminating spaces from a practical, aesthetical and dramatic point of view. We offer a full design package as well as custom cooperation possibilities:

  • Design consultation: mapping the project needs, influence of lighting on the space and its inhabitants
  • Concept design: vision sketches and illustrations, reference images
  • Luminaire specification: pinning down the appropriate parametres for luminaires that are necessary to achieve the requested design, product recommendations if needed
  • Lighting calculations: verifying the functionality of the design – will the selected luminaires achieve the required effects?
  • Layout and details: CAD drawings of luminaire placement in architectural space, detail drawings, grouping and control
  • Electrical project: drawings that include the lighting design, necessary for installation work, including home automation system specifications
Custom luminaires

Often great design ideas come to people who do not have the knowledge and experience to execute the project. Visit us with your thoughts, we have friendly specialists of all fields necessary to make your luminaire idea come to life.

Installation services

Precise and skilled installation is vital for the carefully selected and crafted luminaires to serve their expected lifetime. Our installers are aware of the peculiarities of the products as well as the project, and therefore are capable of considering all details when installing the luminaires.